Thursday, September 11, 2008

I need a Girlfriend, Please help me!

Sally, I met this girl at a wild party! I was up on the table eating cookies and cake when she came up and started looking at me! Well, I hope she was looking at me, it was me or the cake!

Fiona- this dame is hot. I'm not going to lie, the only problem is that she does a lot of photo shots and she won't make time for me! Should I just forget her?

Daisy- Ok, ok, I know she's a little young but she's legal I promise! My only problem with her is that she is in total love with me! Must be puppy love! :-)

Yia Yang- She's straight from China! She's foreign but she's cute! She just doesn't speak bark-english!

Sleep, Play and Eat.

I have three things that I like to do, sleep, play and eat! You've already seen me eating, here are some pictures of me playing with my daddy and sleeping!!

Both of these are in Indianapolis, if you look carefully in both of these pictures is one of my first toys, my duck! I enjoyed ripping it to shreds!! It took me about 3 months to destroy the first one cause I still had my baby teeth. Most people don't know but dogs have baby teeth just like humans! I eventually lost them and have my big doggy teeth now, which I used to chew up my second duck from santa after christmas! That only took about a week!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Puppy

I'm gonna start off with something a little embarrassing, it's a picture that my dad, Ryan took.

Oh my gosh, I totally forgot how fat I was in this picture! Anyway here I am 6 weeks old eating my heart out. Gosh those where the good times, I literally pooped wherever I wanted and no one cared! Ryan and Erika left these "drop zones" all over the place however I barely ever used them!

I did eventually learn to poop outside and I actually enjoy it now! This is in our apartment in Indianapolis during the summer of 07. Good times, I made friends with a few other dogs downstairs, Gizmo and Lucky. They were my best friends...It was sad when I had to leave. The only downside was that I had a flea colony on my back for quite sometime! Ryan and Erika got some good flea shampoo and goodbye they went!